Ports & Marine

MWS Risk engineers have worked on most of the coal ports on the east coast of Australia, the iron ore ports on the west coast and many other port facilities throughout Australia and globally, including steel, grain, oil, flammable liquids, goods and other minerals.

MWS Risk specialises in the unique risks, operational issues and compliance regulations encountered on ore and goods transport, mining and mineral processing marine vessels.

MWS Risk is experienced and qualified in the facilitation of risk workshops and studies, including HAZID, HAZOP, RAMBO, CHAIR, Bowtie, CHAZOP and LOPA.

We have a proven track record of delivery of designing, implementation assistance and auditing of control systems, safety systems, fire protection, detection and alarm systems:

  • Large autonomous machine (stackers, ship loaders, cranes)
  • Machine Safety and guarding systems
  • Dust collection fire and explosion detection and suppression
  • Bespoke fire protection, detection and alarm systems
  • Materials handling systems including reclaim tunnel conveyors, surge bins, train load out facilities, ship loading
  • Mining and mineral processing marine vessels
  • Ore and goods transport marine vessels

Industrial risk management specialists

MWS Risk was formed through the collaboration of three industrial risk management specialists, each bringing a set of unique skills and experience to provide holistic and complete risk management solutions over a range of industries.