Mining & Mineral

MWS Risk understands that the health and safety of employees and visitors to the facility and the surrounding community is the number one priority for our mining clients.

Oil & Gas

The oil and gas industries are dynamic and complex, and as such, so are their risks. MWS Risk is experienced in and offer a full range of Hazardous Area Classifications, design, verification and auditing.


Power stations throughout Australia face fire risks associated with their power production method along with the risks of aging infrastructure and tight economic constraints. MWS Risk engineers have vast experience in the risks associated with this industry.


MWS Risk has an in-depth knowledge of many chemical processing industries and extensive experience in the hazards associated with them.

Ports & Marine

MWS Risk engineers have worked on most of the coal ports on the east coast of Australia, the iron ore ports on the west coast and many other port facilities throughout Australia and globally.

Water treatment

Water treatment brings risks that are not typically a concern for other industrial clients. They must continue to operate as they directly impact the community they serve.


Transport and infrastructure are the backbone of any competitive industry, however, these are not without risk. MWS Risk delivers inherently safe transport and infrastructure projects.


Aviation and defence industries have specific needs and often unique legislation, regulations and codes of practice that are not used for other industrial clients.

Industrial risk management specialists

MWS Risk was formed through the collaboration of three industrial risk management specialists, each bringing a set of unique skills and experience to provide holistic and complete risk management solutions over a range of industries.