MWS Risk understands that the health and safety of employees and visitors to the facility and the surrounding community is the number one priority for our mining clients. This is coupled with a strong focus on environmental risks and sustainability; however, for risk mitigation solutions to be feasible they must also consider the economic impacts and commercial risks. We know that production downtime is a leading commercial risk for our mining clients, and in formulating risk solutions, business continuity and minimising operational impacts is one of our key driving forces.

Far too often clients are advised to implement protection systems before the risks of fire and/or explosion are understood. Our industrial fire engineering and technical risk services to our mining clients are focused on getting to know their risks, before the application of any mitigation solution. We strive to think differently than our competitors and look for solutions that target the risks themselves to achieve an inherently safer design, with minimal operational impact and that is commercially viable.

MWS Risk is experienced and accredited in auditing and the design of all fire protection, detection and alarm systems and specialises in the development bespoke, fully engineered, systems which target the risk. We can help deliver a fire system project from concept to detailed design, construction, operation and maintenance.

MWS Risk is experienced in and offer a full range of Hazardous Area Classifications, design, verification and auditing.

MWS Risk can execute an entire project or assist with discrete parts of the functional safety lifecycle and we have a practical understanding of the hardware and software of the control system that we are implementing. We understand the criticality of designing and implementing a system that can be safely tested and maintained. We will work to deliver systems that at every turn maximise safety while being a simple, easy to maintain and as cost effective as they can be.

MWS Risk is experienced and qualified in the facilitation of risk workshops and studies, including HAZID, HAZOP, RAMBO, CHAIR, Bowtie, CHAZOP and LOPA.

Industrial risk management specialists

MWS Risk was formed through the collaboration of three industrial risk management specialists, each bringing a set of unique skills and experience to provide holistic and complete risk management solutions over a range of industries.